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THG: twenty ways to kill you with a knif

kath_synecdoche in synecdochewords

Title: Five Minutes in Five Districts
Series: 61st Hunger Games
Author: kath_synecdoche
Characters: 61st Hunger Games OCs
Rating: T/G/G/G/G
Warnings: Death in Two. The others are all clean.
Summary: They had lives before the reaping. Five minutes with five of the tributes of the Sixty-first Hunger Games.
A/N: Also on tumblr.

Nero picked up a short sword, one of his better weapons, and stood in front of the door. He took a deep breath and opened it to see a man standing there looking frantically around him for some kind of escape. He was in a disheveled state and in a uniform that marked him as a prisoner, and if it was even possible, he blanched even further when Nero entered the room.

He scrambled backwards away, pushing himself into the wall as Nero approached. It didn't do him any good. Nero dropped the sword and moved in, hand reaching out to grab the man's wrist and pull him into reach. Nero reached his arm around the man's neck, ignoring his pleas, and in a single powerful motion, twisted.

He dropped the body onto the floor and stepped away. He had taken much less than the available half hour. He just hoped it would be enough.

Magnus ran through the door at quarter past six, shouting out the door, "see you tomorrow!"

He closed it to face his two older brothers, both ready for dinner already. "Who's that, your girlfriend?"

Magnus glared at Morse. "I don't have a girlfriend, you know that. It's just Echo."

Morse turned to Huxley and grinned. "You hear that? Just Echo."

Huxley rolled his eyes. "You're late, you aren't going to have enough time to get cleaned up properly before dinner. If you hurry you might just get close."

Magnus sighed, pushing past the pair - a technically brilliant programmer and a nanotechnological hardware manufacturer - towards the basin of water that served as a sink. He could never hold a candle to them, but damned if he wasn't going to try. And the first step to that was looking ready for dinner.

Chassie sat with Naphtha and Torque at the lunch table at school, the sandwiches (just some lettuce on tesserae bread, all they had to spare that day) that were her lunch forgotten in front of her as Naphtha told her friends the story she had heard just ten minutes ago, bending in close so they wouldn't be overheard. "And then Pallet just said that he didn't want to talk to her anymore if she wasn't going to give him her full attention when they were out sneaking around the lot." She paused dramatically. "It's crazy, because he's totally head over heels for her."

"Wait, you said Hazmatta told you this? How does she know this time?" Chassie asked, shooting a glance to the school's gossip queen. Torque was watching Pallet with the glazed expression of someone with a serious crush, something that was now that much more reasonable with news of his latest break-up.

"She heard them. They were shouting, and you know how she's always out at the lot with someone."

Chassie nodded. She had seen her out there a couple of times herself, each time with a different boy. "Makes sense." She sat up straight again, and picked up her sandwich.

"Torque, if you don't stop staring, everyone in the school will know," she said casually, causing the other girl to look up sharply.

"I wasn't staring!" she protested, and Naphtha and Chassie dissolved into giggles.

Sitka sat listening as Adze complained. "I can't believe we have to do a turn at the Lumberjack camps this summer. I already know I'll be awful at it, and can you imagine what it would be like to live out there!"

"I'm sure it'll be fine," she encouraged. "And I'm sure that you'd get used to it, if you did."

Adze gave her a sidelong glance. "You just need to get over him, Sitka. You're so much better than him. And you aren't cut out for the Lumberjack life. It'd never work out."

Sitka sighed guiltily, and the flash of a future - teaching in a lumber camp with three children and Douglas - disappeared for the time being. "I just think it's important to know all of the work the District does," she defended.

Adze laughed. "You keep telling yourself that and maybe one day you'll believe it."

Sitka just glared in response.

Kerry sat next to Jersey on the bench in town. It was the first free time they had been able to get together in a month. They watched the passerbys, greeting them cheerfully as they walked by, knowing everyone they spoke to.

She rested his head on his shoulder. "We'll get married, won't we?" she asked, as Foie, 25 and now almost certainly permanently single, passed them with a sad smile on her face.

"Of course," Jersey replied, absently twirling her curls in his fingers. "The day we're both nineteen we'll register and get our placement. And then we'll have the most beautiful babies in the District, and it'll be perfect."

Kerry smiled. "I love you, you know."

"I love you too," Jersey replied, pulling her in for a kiss.