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THB: scripps smiling

kath_synecdoche in synecdochewords

Title: My Valentine
Author: kath_synecdoche
Characters: Don Scripps
Rating: G
Summary: A sonnet for Scripps
A/N: Written on Valentine's Day... four years ago. I don't ever really know how to go about categorising it. Except to laugh at Grade 12 me.

Monochrome keys skimmed o'er by his fingers
Brilliant smirk alight upon his face
Joyous in the worship of his Master
And writing down the wisdom of his place.
And yet, I shed a tear for him, my love,
Sep'rate always, it drives me near insane.
Though olive branch be carried by the dove
My heart true peace has ever lost to pain.
Wherefore love I a fictitous young man?
To screen and page and stage his figure bound
To touch the hearts of all; I think he can.
Though he is not, sadly, real love is found,
His character created line by line:
Don Scripps! Alas, my unreal Valentine!