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THB: scripps smiling

kath_synecdoche in synecdochewords

Title: History
Author: kath_synecdoche
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: Musings on history.
A/N: IDEK. Poetry!

The words on the page

blur together:

What was it really like?

Lights flash, off, and on, and off,

this time for good.

Hiding Underground

in dark and cold safety.

Squealing screeches before

staggering boom.

History – is fear.

The smiles,

the August Bank Holiday cheer

recruiting men

to fight the Hun

for the honour of

the British Empire.

History – is joy.

Wailing screams of men,

incapacitated as babes,


for mother and father

who may never know.

Arms detached,

agony and rot.

History – is pain.

The rallying cries:

“I have a dream”,

“Victory at all costs”,

courageous calls to arms

cannot be ignored

changing the precarious

status quo.

History – is hope.

But more than this,

that carefully poured

cup of tea

changes every little thing

and the world

will never be the same.

History – is trivia.

History is past

present and future.

History is just one thing

after another.

What is history?

We’re living it.